What's the matter of growing your following on Social Media if you can't make money with it??

Same question I asked my friend having 540K Instagram page and his reply really shocked me. He was barely making 5000 INR a month, all he was doing is selling shoutouts. 

I told him why don’t you create a brand around your following, you can sell physical products ,digital products or maybe provide a service.

But not everyone knows how to build a website , not everyone has the financial support to manufacture or purchase Inventory of products not everyone knows the legalties and taxes of business. Isn’t there a easy and fast way to start which do not need any skills or investment at all?

Well exactly that’s what we are offering to you.  An oppurtunity to make money without making any website, doing any kind of marketing, spending nothing upfront just using your special affiliate link which you will get after signing up, you can send your followers directly to our website through your affiliate link and whenever he/she makes a purchase we will send your 25% commission on total sale happened.

Yes 25% Commission on every sale brought by you!

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  • 100 % FREE to start (Zero Investment)
  • 100 % Risk-Free (All we need is your basic information)
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  • No need to have a very large following. You can start if you have as little as 1000 fans on Instagram / Youtube / Facebook or any other social platform.
  • 25% Commission on every sale (even amazon don’t give more then 12%)
  • Weekly Pay-out, directly to your Bank Account/ G-Pay/ Paytm/ PhonePay orΒ  Pay Pal.
  • 7 Day Affiliate tracking (means the person you brought to store is being tracked as your affiliates for 7 days and every purchase he/she makes in those 7 days , BANGGG the commission is yours.)
  • Custom Dashboard where you can see all your referrals, Sales and Money Earned.

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"I thought shoutout's was the only way to earn money from Instagram and to be true I was making nothing instead of putting 5-6 hours everday looking to find some shoutouts, but when I started working with Purchasebazar I literally made 2x more by putting not more then 5 mins a day😎😎😍."
Amaan Khan
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"I was dedicated to grow my page but not generating any money seems like a total failure to me but when I started working with Purchasebazzar I only think of growing my following while Purchasebazzar is taking care of the money part, couldn't be more grateful for their service.."
Ankit Kenye
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"I started my Blog - Gift Asia as my passion and tried hard to make some money out of it but couldn't make enough to continue, I tried amazon affiliates, selling ads but nothing was working well, I was making some money but that was not enough motivating to continue until I fould Purchasebazzar. Things are way better now!"
Mohit Mehran
Blog - Gift Asia
"I nerver thought that I can make money with my facebook group Love Pyar" although I was having 450k members and all I was doing was having fun, but when I started with Purchasebazzar I was amazed by the money I made as a 17 Year Old. It is so simple to do this.."
Rashid Ali
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